Cut admin costs and eliminate paperwork by converting your business’s operating process online on a web based application. Why not? Elife Partners will provide professional, enterprise level custom web applications that meet your business needs. Our team of developers and designers have years of experience in developing many critical business web applications for a wide range of industries, such as:

Attendance Monitoring Systems

Online Training and Courses

Non-profit Donation Applications

HR Web Applications

Inventory Management Systems

B2B Order Entry

Store Audit Systems

Sales Dashboards


Online Reservations Booking and Ticketing

Customer relationship management (CRM) System




We tailor web app based on exactly your business needs to automate and improve your business’s productivity and respond faster to the needs of your customers.

Cost Effective

Web apps are cheaper and develop faster than software systems. By using web based apps to automate your business processes, you will be able to save time and money from system installations, heavy data back-up requirements and high maintenance fees that are frequently associated with software systems.

Online Access

You can easily manage and access real-time data by using a web browser online to add information and get updated data, improving your data quality control while enhancing your company’s work efficiency and productivity.

Ease of Level Up

Easily level up your web app to add new features, handle extra works and large data sets without the need to install additional software updates on users’ computers.

Are you ready to automate your business process?

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