We take pride in awesome mobile app development

Mobile computing is growing exponentially, today, mobile is the new face of consumer engagement. No matter what type of business you have and if your business is available on mobile, your business will absolutely thrive with a higher market reach.

We take pride in building the most awesome apps that both create value for our clients and end-users love to use. We provide mobile app development services for both Android and IOS devices, our mobile app developers can develop booking apps, catalog apps, productivity apps, e-commerce apps and more.

Why Avail Elife Partners’ Mobile Application Development Service

Huge Reusable Codebase

Your requirements will be put through a custom-made system but built on top of our huge library of reusable code. This makes the project faster to develop, reliable and avoid pitfalls during the whole process

Clean & Clear Design Aesthetics

We believe design is the first impression to users, we ensure that your mobile app will provide a great user experience to your customers


Only In-House Developers

Our team of mobile app developers, interface designers and usability experts will work closely with you to keep your mobile app right on track of your requirements and make it on par with the popular apps available in the market today

Flexible & Iterative Process

Some concepts look great on paper but fail to implement in practice, we know from our experiences and they will help us avoid those pitfalls and work in an iterative way

Types of Mobile App We Can Develop

Native Mobile Apps

Downloadable from Play Store or App Store and installed in your device


  • You'll very easily be able to update it yourself. Guaranteed!
  • Website will be super clarity, focused on making sales and ease of use

Mobile Web Apps

Mobile Responsive Version of a website or a web application


  • Fast & cheaper to develop and update than native mobile apps
  • Works on both Android & IOS devices in single development

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Mobile web app running within a native app container


  • Simpler and faster to develop than pure native mobile apps
  • A single content update will work on both Android & IOS devices

Mobile Apps We Can Develop

Productivity Apps

Productivity apps can help you to organize your day-to-day activities and sync you with your to-do list and boost your work more efficiency. Such apps often include calendar, converters, memo pads, calculators, alarm clocks, reminders, planners, storage, etc.

Lifestyle and Leisure Apps

Make your users happier and healthier everyday with leisure and lifestyle apps. We develop apps which give daily lifestyle tips to your users ranging from fashion tips, fitness manuals, cookbook apps, sports apps, how-to guides, wellness apps, to meditation apps.

Entertainment Apps

Entertainment apps are the most downloaded apps by mobile users. It help your users to capturing, editing, viewing images, playing and downloading audio and video files, storing and sharing users’ experiences on social networks.

Educational Apps

Demand for educational apps is growing day by day when students tend to using mobile devices and tablets to study. Educational apps make learning more interesting, these apps include eBooks, library, drawing, audio books, dictionary, language arts, quiz games, and everything that is related to learning. Keep your users of all ages improve their ability to think, connect, and use information with custom educational apps.

Location-Based Apps

Location-based apps provide you with directions based on device location, time specificity and user behavior lead the way for your consumers. It can be used for maps, navigation, traffic, weather, tracking, geo-tagging, or emergency. Location-based apps help searching for various locations, tagging customer address for deliveries and getting traffic information.

E-Commerce Apps

Get your own stores online in your consumers’ devices, mobile e-commerce app brings your customers closer and interact with them anytime-anywhere. You will be able to process data orders fast, upload your products and services and all management of your online shop will be in your hand. It’s never been easier.

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